Ace Attorney Charlie

Ace attorney Charlie has been a mainstay in the Wright office for most of the series. At one point, he is even referred to as a potted plant. The over-enthusiastic watering of Maya Fey’s character has left the plant looking rather swollen. Athena Cykes has even caught Wright staring at the plant, but she does not discuss it with her subordinates.

ace attorney Charley is a potted plant

Charley is an office pet. The plant, Cordyline stricta, is also known as Slender Palm Lily and Narrow-leaved Palm Lily. Mia Fey, the co-founder of Wright Anything Agency, named her pet after the plant and made him the official mascot of the law office.

The name of the character may be a reference to Chuck the Plant, a fictional character first appearing in the 1987 graphic adventure game Maniac Mansion. Later, Chuck was used in other games by Lucasfilm. However, the name may actually be a reference to the plant species Charlwoodia stricta.

He is a future ace attorney

Originally released on the Game Boy Advance, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney has expanded into a multi-platform franchise that now spans multiple consoles. The series has produced six mainline games and several spin-offs, including one crossover with Professor Layton. Other games in the series include The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

He is a homage to Chuck the Plant

It has been speculated that the name of the character Ace attorney Charlie is a nod to Chuck the Plant from LucasArts’ 1987 graphic adventure game Maniac Mansion. Chuck also appeared in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The name may also be a reference to the plant species Charlwoodia stricta.

He is a victim of Maya Fey’s over-enthusiastic watering

Maya Fey has over-watered her plant Charley, resulting in a yellow, swollen plant. The over-enthusiastic watering has made Wright wonder if Maya is perfecting the art of water torture on Charley. This episode of the acclaimed comedy series features Charley in a number of humorous scenes, including her attempt to teach the plant to talk.

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